A Brighter Career with Borough Care

We believe everyone should live their best possible life, and our residents need the support of people who love what they do to achieve that.

We’re always looking for the right types of people to join our talented teams. If you have a friendly, caring and patient nature then you could be just the person we’re looking for. It doesn’t matter if you’re fully trained, have a little experience, or are completely new to the care sector… We know that good caring skills are a natural part of an individual’s personality; the rest can be learned through our specialist training or apprenticeship schemes.

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Why choose Borough Care?

If you join our team then we will work hard to give you the best opportunities and benefits in recognition of your dedication, including:

  • A rewarding career with lots of opportunities to progress within the company
  • Excellent induction training
  • 28 days holiday
  • A competitive rate of pay
  • Ongoing training and development with accredited qualifications
  • Workplace pension
  • Choice of local work and flexible shifts
  • Reward and benefits package that includes discounts and offers at thousands of high street and online stores

We’re really proud of our learning and development programmes at Borough Care. When you join us, we make time to welcome you with a proper induction and sign you up to our e-learning platform, which guides you through a series of short modules that make sure all the basics are covered. New modules can be added, or updated, helping you keep your knowledge up to date, or learn something new as you develop into your role.

Beyond that, there are lots of opportunities to build your career with Borough Care. We have recently launched our ‘Aspire’ programmes, designed to help those looking for their next career step to learn the skills and values needed for that next move. Lasting up to 12 months, these courses are thorough but hands-on, and have helped many of our team get promoted as a result.

Similarly, we support those looking to start, or advance their career, through an apprenticeship. You can read more about these here. Everyone who works with us is set up with what we call ‘Training Pathways’, a roadmap to help you become the very best you can be, no matter how or when you enter a career in care.

And we don’t just have roles in care. Our homes could not function without the critical skills of our administrators, kitchen staff, maintenance team, or housekeepers. Of course, you still need to be prepared to join in with the odd impromptu dance off, or chat through last night’s game over a cup of tea with our residents, but that’s why the varied roles at Borough Care are so rewarding.

We genuinely care about our team members, and recognise that we all sometimes face difficult challenges. It’s important to us that all Borough Care staff feel supported and cared for. So, we’re very proud to be a supporter of The Care Worker’s Charity, a benevolent fund, there to provide a helping hand when financial hardship strikes.

If you want to change your caring nature into a bright career, then we want to meet you.
Search our vacancies below or contact the HR Team on 0161 475 0149

A day in the life of…

a Home Administrator

As a Home Administrator it is my job to ensure the Home I work in runs smoothly by completing administrative tasks set by my Manager. I’ve done the job for over three years and no two days have ever been the same. When I arrive in the morning, the first thing I do is check my emails. A large part of the job is being organised, capable of multi-tasking and keeping on top of everything I’ve been asked to do. A list definitely helps! As to what happens throughout the rest of the day, it really depends on what is taking place in the Home. I could be welcoming new residents or visitors – this requires a cheery disposition and a thorough knowledge of the Home I work in so I can answer all questions and direct visitors to the right place. Or I could be updating and maintaining resident and staff records, this is a really important job and requires attention to detail and discretion. Or, say we have a themed tea party coming up, I could be ordering napkins, decorations and games and liaising with suppliers to make sure we get the best possible deal. My favourite thing about the job is that I am always appreciated by my Manager and Borough Care. Borough Care is a great company to work for as they reward hard work and encourage you to make the most of your skills through all the training on offer.

a Care Assistant

It’s been over six years since I first began working at Borough Care as a Care Assistant. I didn’t have any formal experience, but I had been caring for a relative which gave me an excellent idea of what might be required of me. I soon found out that my main responsibility is to help our residents with day to day living; making sure they are happy and stimulated. I start my working day by saying good morning to all the residents under my care and checking how their nights have been. I can then make any adjustments to their records or care plans, ensuring we always have the most up to date information about our residents’ wellbeing both physically and emotionally. The rest of the day will be taken up with comforting and supporting residents, helping them get dressed, encouraging them to participate in events and activities and helping them get the most out of meal times. It takes a specific type of person to be a Care Assistant, you need to be caring and patient, but it is so rewarding and fulfilling to see the difference you make to someone’s life every day. I really enjoy working at Borough Care, they took a chance on me and have given me a career I can be really proud of.

a Night Care Assistant

Working at night is very different to working during the day. All the hustle and bustle calms down, and the evening and night shift can be a very peaceful time. I’ve always been a night owl and being a Night Care Assistant suits me down to the ground. I start my working evening by having a handover with the day staff to check how all the residents are doing and if there are any issues I need to be aware of. The rest of my shift is geared towards helping residents relax and wind down from their activities during the day, so they can get a good rest and be ready for the next day’s activities. Some residents find it difficult to settle and it is my job to offer comfort and support, so they feel secure enough to go to sleep. I’m also on hand for any issues during the night such as helping residents in and out of bed and using the facilities. I really enjoy working at Borough Care, I’ve never had a job that is so interesting and varied, and I love that, because of the work I do, the residents I look after feel safe and secure enough to get a good night’s sleep. Working at night is also very useful as it allows me to balance my childcare responsibilities with having a job, working a traditional, 9-5 would be impossible for me.

a Senior Care Assistant

Working as a Senior Care Assistant is a very important job. Not only are you looking after residents, you also have to be on hand to support and guide your more junior colleagues. It makes me very proud to be in this position of responsibility. When I arrive at work in the morning, I’ll call the group of Care Assistants I’m responsible in for a quick meeting. I’ll let them know if there have been issues during the night and what our goals are for the day. I like to do this as it keeps us organised and helps us communicate with each other. For the remainder of the day I will do my best to ensure the residents we look after are happy and stimulated. I will liaise with relative’s families and answer any questions or concerns they may have. I will assist with the admission of new residents, or discharge of any residents who have been with us short term. And I will monitor residents support plans to ensure they are receiving a high standard of care at all times. Borough Care look after every member of staff and they want the best for you as an individual. I used to be a Care Assistant before I was promoted, Borough Care gave me lots of training as part of my promotion and my Manager gave me lots of support and coaching so that I could fulfil my job to the best of my ability.

a Senior Night Care Assistant

I love my role as a Senior Night Care Assistant at Borough Care. I think it’s brilliant that I am the one responsible for delivering high standards of care throughout the night and am the first port of call if anything arises. Typically, I start a shift by having a quick word the day staff before they leave to check how the residents are doing, then I will make the rounds speaking to both residents and night staff checking everyone is happy. Working nights is varied, sometimes it is non-stop and other times it is very peaceful and quiet, so it is very difficult to describe a typical shift. Although one of the things I have to be prepared for is an emergency situation. I am the most senior member of staff available, so I have to react quickly and calmly ensuring the safety of both residents and staff. I also have to offer clinical expertise in case of medical emergencies. Borough Care is an amazing company to work for. They understand how hard we work - the late nights and the emotional strain - and that’s why they have such a good rewards and benefits package available to all staff. From Perkbox, the staff discount scheme, to the Care Workers Charity, to the flexible working policy, to the amazing in-house training opportunities. If you work hard, there are plenty of rewards to be had.

a Housekeeper

I’ve been keeping Borough Care spic and span for over three years in my role as a Housekeeper. I take real pride in keeping the Home I work in as clean and tidy as my own home. I usually start my day with a brew and a good look at my cleaning rota so I know what I’m supposed to be doing that day. The remainder of my day will be spent cleaning the communal and private rooms in the Home. You must be extra vigilant as a Housekeeper in residential care to protect the vulnerable residents from accidents such as slipping on a wet floor, or accidentally spilling cleaning products. I also have to prioritise my workload, so I can clean up any emergency spills straight away. A friendly and patient nature is a must as we encourage residents to help with the cleaning if they want to, this helps them keep active and continue to do tasks they would have done in their own home. Being a Housekeeper at Borough Care is not like being a Housekeeper anywhere else, I’m encouraged to get involved with the residents. I am part of a personalisation project at my Home, where staff and residents complete a one-page profile and are paired up with people with similar interests. I have been paired up with a resident who likes going swimming, so we go together!

a Deputy Manager

The role of a Deputy Manager is a very busy one! Despite working at Borough Care for the last 11 years, no two days have ever been the same. My first stop of the day is dropping my bags in the office and then heading straight to the dining room to help serve breakfast. This gives me a good opportunity to spend time with both residents and staff and support them as needed. A large part of my role is liaising with resident’s friends and families, providing information and reassurance about the care their loved on is receiving. Usually, we go into a quiet area where we can have an uninterrupted chat and a cup of tea. I joined Borough Care back in 2002 as a Care Assistant at Meadway Court, having previously worked in a small nursing home. I had heard lots of good things about Borough Care and knew that they were very pro-active in encouraging their staff to develop their careers within the company, providing training and support to enable this to happen. And look at me now! Eleven years later, three promotions and a Level 2 qualification in Health and Social Care, I really have come a long way.

a Home Manager

I have been a Home Manager since 2013 and enjoy the challenges and variety in my job. It is very hard to describe a typical day as there are so many different parts to my work. On arrival, I usually get a handover from the night staff. I’ll then check the diary and see what is going on and catch up with my emails. After that I’ll go for a walk around the home. This is a very rewarding part of the day as I get time to talk to staff and residents and find out how everyone is feeling. As Home Manager I am responsible for everything and this makes for interesting times! On a typical day I can be dealing with a blocked toilet, covering rotas, sanctioning Annual Leave or taking part in discussions with GP’s and social workers. I also need to maintain occupancy levels and review the waiting list. Borough Care is a very good company to work for, I find them supportive and open to new ideas. They offer excellent career development for staff and a comprehensive training package. They also hold regular consultations with employees through an employee focus group where we can put forward our views and wishes. I like the way that Borough Care recognises its staff and is happy to promote internally. I actually started with the company as a Care Assistant. Although my day can be very busy and varied, I wouldn’t change a thing. Seeing the residents happy in their home environment is a reminder to me how much I love my job.